Full Swing

Life is a constant routine of diapers, cat naps, run here, run there, rinse, lather, repeat. Summer is in full swing and both older kids are home everyday and baby is growing older by the minute. I am trying to give them each the time they need from me. They are at ages where they need guidance from me in different ways.
Little guy, at 5, is now exploring his first bout of independence. He spends time going off on his own to create and imagine. He is also over taking much of his self care and meal preparation. Snacks are easy to reach and lunch items are simple items that he can create his own meal from by mixing and matching. He has shown great interest in learning how to cook so we have been doing a lot of cooking together.
My older girl has been cooking up a storm lately. Breakfast has become her specialty. She also is exploring her independence. At 9 years old she is starting to really like her own personal space from time to time. Her social life is also starting to take off, she wants to spend more and more time with others girls.
Baby girl is devoting all of her time to eating and trying to figure out how to catch up with the big kids. Naps are few and far between this months but night sleeping is great.
I feel like I live my life in 5 minute increments. A quick bite to eat here and there maybe a minute to wipe a counter. I haven't been able to spend much time out in the garden due to time and the fact that 95 degree temps make baby very grouchy, I can't say I blame her though.
All in all we are on the borderline between thriving and surviving each day. It's a constant back and forth and sometimes I question my sanity but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Since it's Friday maybe later I can have a glass of wine and toast to living to living the good life.


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