Slow down

This week brought us a surprise day off from school, make that a surprise to me since I have not been as up to date with our calendar as I usually am. Nonetheless, with the big kid home from school and a long weekend of having to work behind me, I was glad to have a day to reconnect. We headed to a small local zoo and enjoyed a day in the sunshine marveling over the animals. We got a chance to swing on the swings, laugh, and create special memories. It is really great to just step away from life for a few short hours and really connect with my children. It was a shame that their dad was at work and could not be a part of this day but we will be taking a weekend together soon where we can all take a break from life, head out into nature, and really get to spend quality time connecting as a family. It really is so wonderful what a few short hours or a weekend can to for a family and I encourage everyone to take the time no matter how short it may be to create a memory with the family. Step away from the chores and schedules. Look at each other and really see the people around you. You may be surprised at the wonderful things that you over look during the daily grind but get a chance to see when you slow down, step back and just live.


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