So it begins

 We are starting out on our path to a simple life. What does that mean exactly? I am not sure yet. For some people it means vegetable gardens and raising chickens. We have had a garden for several years now but chickens are beyond me at this point in my life. I don't know where this journey to a simple life will take us. I guess that is what is so special about simplifying, no two paths will ever be the same. Our main goals are to enjoy family more, this means all the family, the ones that are close by and those that we rarely see. I also want my children to be involved in our home so that they can know how much they are needed and how capable they are. I want to place less value on the things we surround ourselves with. We have always owned the newest and coolest things, while it has made us happy I am sure we could enjoy each other just as much without all of this stuff. The last thing I want to tackle is eating better. I would like to purify our diet by eating more whole and raw foods. Eliminating processed foods from our diet shouldn't be too difficult as we already have a pretty healthy diet and rely on these types of foods rarely. I think that this will be enough for us to work on for now. I want to make this a fun eye opening challenge, not an insurmountable challenge.


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