Natural Labor Induction

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Most women who have been pregnant know what it is like to wait 9 months to meet your little one and anxiously anticipate the first signs of labor. The small twinges that plagued you throughout pregnancy increase in frequency and duration until you know for fact your baby is coming. Other have the experience of having their water break. Then there a those like me who although have children never one experienced either onset of labor or in fact any onset of labor. Yes, I have made it fully to 42 weeks without ever having labor start, not even a false labor to get my hopes up. I have however been able to have 2 successful inductions resulting in healthy children.
This time with our third baby we threw caution to the wind. We decided to go with a midwife rather than an OB. We did not find out the gender and I am determined to have the completely natural child birth that I have always dreamed of. I headed into this knowing quite well that there is still the possibility that I may be one of those women who never go into labor on their own but by golly I am going to give it everything I have.

During my second pregnancy we tired walking, spicy food, relations, and pretty much all the common standbys with no luck. This time we will try all of those again but I have a few other options that I did not use last time that I hope will be just what I need. I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea which is said to help tone the uterus. I have been eating dates which in a recent study that I read may help with setting the body up for labor. I have been enjoying the positive effects of the change in our eating habits over the past year or so of consuming mostly whole foods and few processed products. The elliptical machine is one of my favorite ways to encourage the baby to decent down a bit and stretching and meditating has been very helpful in relaxing both my body and mind. I have written down my worries and fears to try to get the negative energy out of my head. This pregnancy was my first time going to a chiropractor which has been a positive experience for adjusting the pelvis and preparing for labor.

At 37 weeks I have not really pushed for immediate labor but have just been trying to get me to be the best me I can be for the experience for when the time comes. As the weeks pass by if I make it to 39 weeks my midwife has approved for me to try acupuncture and if I reach the full 40 weeks I also have her blessing to try reflexology. All of the things have me more hopeful than ever for a natural onset of labor. Hopefully in several weeks I will be able to give a report on something that was helpful in giving my body the push it needs.


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